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Popular YouTubers who were felicitated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the National Creators’Awards 2024


With a subscription of 6 million followers on YouTube, Abhiraj and Niyati, popularly known as Abhi and Niyu, are a dynamic husband-wife duo who have carved a niche in the digital realm as influential content creators and advocates of positivity. Their journey began with a mission to counterbalance the negativity prevalent in mainstream media by highlighting uplifting stories and impactful initiatives across India. 

Through their widely acclaimed series '#100ReasonsToLoveIndia,' Abhi and Niyu embarked on a transformative exploration, uncovering 100 heartwarming tales of resilience, innovation, and cultural richness within the country. This initiative not only garnered widespread acclaim but also mobilized a community of changemakers dedicated to finding solutions to everyday challenges.

Their impactful journey is characterized by a diverse content portfolio spanning critical topics such as history, environment, sustainability, policy discussions, social commentary, economics, and personal finance.

Utilizing platforms like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and their podcast recommendation channel, Abhi and Niyu adeptly leverage digital tools to reach a global audience with their message of optimism and empowerment. 

Their ability to simplify intricate subjects resonates particularly well with millennials, encouraging small steps toward substantial societal outcomes and fostering a culture of informed engagement.

One of their notable achievements includes a viral video addressing environmental sustainability by advocating alternatives to polluting materials used during traditional festivals in India. This video not only garnered widespread attention but also catalyzed tangible changes in community practices. 

Additionally, their exploration of geopolitics, such as the expose on China's Debt Trap diplomacy, showed their commitment to raising awareness on global issues through compelling storytelling.

Beyond their digital footprint, Abhi and Niyu's impact is evident in their advocacy for youth empowerment and positive social change. Their ethos revolves around harnessing the potential of online platforms to inspire offline action, bridging the gap between virtual awareness and real-world impact. 

Awards and accomplishments

Awards and accomplishments

Recognized for their significant contributions, Abhi and Niyu have been featured in Forbes’ prestigious ’30 under 30′ list. Their commitment to promoting a positive narrative extends beyond conventional boundaries, earning them accolades such as ‘Most Impactful Influencer of the Year 2020.’ 

Why Abhi & Niyu?

Abhi and Niyu bring a unique blend of passion, authenticity, and expertise to their speaking engagements. Whether discussing environmental sustainability, social impact, or digital innovation, Abhi and Niyu’s dynamic presentations resonate deeply, making them ideal speakers to inspire and motivate audiences at events focused on positivity, social change, and digital media influence.

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