Amar Khandha

A brilliant Pianist & Composer


Amar Khandha stands as a beacon of artistic brilliance, renowned for his mastery of Indian folk music and his ability to blend traditional melodies with contemporary sounds. Amar's musical journey reflects his deep-rooted passion for his cultural heritage and his relentless pursuit of musical excellence. Through his enchanting performances, he transports audiences to a realm where ancient Indian melodies intertwine with modern rhythms, creating an immersive and captivating musical experience.

With his virtuosity on the piano, sitar, and tabla, coupled with his soul-stirring vocals, he weaves rhythms that resonate with both the past and the present. His compositions effortlessly fuse elements of classical Indian music with contemporary beats, offering listeners a glimpse into the timeless beauty of India's musical traditions while embracing the spirit of innovation.

Amar's repertoire spans a wide spectrum of emotions and themes, from tales of love and loss to reflections on the human experience. His compositions exude a timeless quality that transcends cultural boundaries, captivating audiences with their authenticity and emotional depth. Songs like ‘Chalte Chalte - Unwind Instrumental’ and ‘Bahon Ke Darmiyan - Unwind Instrumental’ display Amar's ability to evoke a sense of tranquility and introspection through his music, while tracks like ‘Din Shagna da (feat. Amar Khandha & Runa Rizvi)’ infuse joy and celebration into every note.

Amar Khandha's musical talent extends beyond his interpretations of Indian folk music, as evidenced by his collaborations and contributions to various genres and styles. 

Why Amar Khandha ?

Amar Khandha along with his accompaniments comprising musicians playing different instruments has created magic by performing at weddings, cultural events, and international festivals. Amar’s music resonates with audiences around the world leaving a lasting mark on the global music scene. 

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