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Vijay Batra is a renowned leadership coach known for spreading the message of positive thinking and work ethics through his talks and training seminars. With a unique blend of Indian, Japanese, and American ways of success, Vijay draws from his extensive experience working in India, Japan, and America to offer universally applicable principles of success. 

He successfully deconstructs the inner workings of commonplace thoughts and adds his fresh and empowering perspective to it. 

He has held leadership programs and talks for some of the most globally recognized companies. 

As a trainer, Vijay embodies the Samurai spirit, adapting it to the Indian context. He conducts sensitization workshops for Indians seeking success in Japan and for the Japanese wanting to conduct business in India. Vijay inspires participants to pursue success and happiness, emphasizing the importance of hard work over relying on luck or fate.

Vijay is highly sought after to conduct leadership programs for senior and top management in prestigious companies. His ability to share powerful unconventional wisdom in simple words has earned him immense popularity. He has conducted over 2,000 workshops, interacting with more than 200,000 participants in various companies.

Awards and Accomplishments

Awards and Accomplishments

Vijay has co-authored a book that talks about the success principles of Indian Entrepreneurs –   ‘Walk on Sand’, and ‘Before you Sleep on Silk’

He has successfully conducted over 15,000 hours of active learning sessions.

In addition to motivational training, Vijay is highly sought after to conduct programmes on leadership for the senior and top management in prestigious companies. He transforms people by impinging upon their minds subtly, yet strongly.

Why Vijay Batra ?

Vijay’s unique approach to making learning interesting involves being loud, using humor, and highlighting abnormal things we take for granted to help participants recognize their blind spots. He transfers his feelings to participants under the cover of loudness and humor.

He utilizes effective questioning and multimedia clips from movies to convey messages and create impact. Vijay perseveres, along with his creative team, to deliver content that transforms the learning experience into a memorable journey from theory to practice.

Vijay is an internationally recognised thought leader and speaker who can ignite the audience with a can-do spirit and the habits to make it happen. He is experienced in covering a range of hugely beneficial topics that make an influential impact on both individuals and groups. His unassuming grace and charisma make him a speaker par excellence.

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